Juanfran: "Seedorf doesn’t let anyone give up"

23/03/2018 18:10

Juanfran was the centre of attention in Abegondo this morning. The Deportivista right-back admitted that since he has been here, “this is the most complicated situation we’ve been in, even though we’ve always been skating on thin ice. This year we’re in the drop zone, and normally at this time we would have been out of it or close to leaving it.”

Nonetheless, he stated, “We cannot give up. We have to carry on.” “We have to carry on until the end, whilst the maths says otherwise. We have to keep on fighting to try and get out of there and remain in First Division,” he added.

He believes, “we haven’t been able to work out the best way to get out of this situation. We have to keep on working at it and fighting. There are 9 games left and there are enough points to do it.”

Asked about Clarence Seedorf, the Deportivista right-back thinks, “since I’ve been in Deportivo, he is the coach that has tried and worked the most.”

He pointed out that “he works the psychological factor marvellously. He is able to uplift the team, and make it work. He’s well respected for who he was, because for me he was a football legend. The team has respected him from the very start. He doesn’t let anyone give up."

He emphasized, “we’re giving our all in the training sessions but we’re not seeing the results. At the end of the day, we have to carry on. If we carry on, we're going to see it and we have to try and beat Atletico de Madrid. There’s no other option."

The footballer from Madrid highlighted, “even though it may look like we don’t care, victories are our life. We’ve been a long time without winning, making the fans suffer with negative results. In the end, it makes you weaker. But the coach works that aspect very well. He has gone out of his way to make us grow psychologically. Let’s hope the first win comes soon to try and change this dynamic.”

Juanfran believes that “we haven’t been lucky since Seedorf has come, especially because we haven’t been able to take the lead on the scoreboard after having clear goal-scoring opportunities to do so. After three months (without winning) we cannot focus on whether it’s a question of luck. However, it’s true that the team performs to deserve better. We should’ve won the day against Las Palmas, the day against Eibar if they hadn’t sent off the keeper we should’ve won... We cannot focus on what could’ve been and what wasn't. We have to carry on trying and try not to conced any goals and score the chances you have.”

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