Lucas and Adrian view tonight’s victory as one that “will reinforce us a lot”

06/04/2018 23:42

Tonight's scorers against Malaga, Lucas Perez and Adrian, spoke to the press in ABANCA-RIAZOR’s mixed zone.

The Coruña striker confessed he was “very happy with the win. The team has worked really well. It’s a shame we were in the lead twice and weren’t able to maintain it. At last! The desired victory we needed, uplifting... Very happy about that, not just because of the goal.”

He explained his apologetic gesture towards the fans after scoring the penalty: “It’s what both I and my teammates feel, as well as my family and the people of Deportivo, who feel sad that things aren’t turning out well, and that we’ve been suffering for several years. And on a personal level that things aren’t going as I’d wished and hoped.”

Lucas assured that the dressing room “still believes (in staying in Primera) from the very first moment in which we got into this situation, with so many points to leave the relegation zone. The team has always believed. But when you work, try your best and things go the other way, it gets you down.”

He pointed out that the victory against a direct rival like Malaga, who came from winning last week, “reinforces us a lot.”

Adrian Lopez, who scored a brace tonight, believes that “we didn’t play like we wanted to in the first half, like in the second. Yes, there was a general change after the interval, we were in their half after the interval, we generated many chances. At the end of the day, it’s a well-deserved victory for us.”

The Asturian striker spoke of his goal contribution: “I’m happy for having helped achieved the win we needed so much. For forwards it’s always important to score goals and to be honest, I’m very happy.”

He believes that overcoming the adversities as Malaga equalised twice is something positive: “We were very frustrated from what had already happened in many matches, that we could’ve won 3 points and lose them. What’s important today is that the team kept on going and going and going. We finally achieved the victory we needed in terms of points and that it gives you a strong boost of morale so that another one comes after this one.”