Mel: "The fans know that being together is the way"

07/03/2017 20:33

Pepe Mel thanked the fans on behalf of the team “for travelling to Gijón. Deportivo’s fans are veteran in thousands of ways. They’ve gone through relegations, winning a league, they’ve seen the team win many things, get into Champions. The fans know that being together is the way”.

Along these lines, the Deportivista coach insisted that the players “are the ones that have to make the first move. They can’t expect to be cheered to perform. It’s the other way round”.

Halfway into this run of games, he acknowledged that the players “are very tired, but optimistic, as it should be”.

He recalled that since he’s arrived he’s “only had 8 training sessions. And in 8 training sessions we are going to play 3 matches. We’re practically going to play the same amount of time we’ve trained. Getting people to be on board is very important. Each and every one of them has to think they’re important”.

Regarding tomorrow’s home game against Betis (6:45pm, Bein Sports), Mel noted that “we must be intense, fight each ball, play the style we’ve been trying to drum into them and know that it’s a crucial game for us. Every point we gain is an advantage”.

He described Betis’ formation and style: “They play with a defence of five. And then the coach puts four or three in front. If he plays with two strikers he´ll put three, otherwise he’ll put four”. He highlighted “the play well on the flanks with box-to-box players. Durmisi or Álex on the left: Rafa Navarro or Pizzini on the right. They have a different player which is Dani Ceballos. Petros is a great worker and intercepts well. They were right to incorporate Rubén Pardo because since Beñat left, Betis didn’t have a player who set the tempo, he knew how to set the pace and mark the rhythm. And then up front, if Rubén gets the ball with advantage, you’re dead”.

However, Pepe Mel is confident in his team: “I’m saying this because I’m absolutely convinced. This Deportivo, this group of players should aspire to other things. But the actual situation is what it is. We did this, we alone have to get out of it”.

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