Luisinho: “We're going to try until the end, but it’s going to be very difficult. Whilst there are points in play, we’ll continue believing.”

21/04/2018 13:18

Luisinho spoke to the press in Abegondo this morning.

The Deportivista left-back pointed out that “yesterday was a match we had to win because now that’s all we can do, win. It’s a very delicate situation. We came from a good streak. We didn’t win and things got even more complicated.”

He assured, “everyone is realistic and aware of the team’s situation. Whilst there are possibilities, we’re going to fight until the end.”

He recalled, “there are still points in play. We must believe, I also believe.” “There are 4 games left, we’re 6 points away from Levante who have one game less. The math is very clear. If they win on Monday, things will get even more complicated. Levante have everything in their favour to remain in Primera. We're going to try until the end, but it’s going to be very difficult. Miracles don’t always happen. Until the end, whilst there are points in play, we’ll continue believing.”

The Branquiazul defender highlighted that what happened in Leganes yesterday was a reflection of the whole season: “We weren’t constant throughout the league. The team plays 2 or 3 matches well, but it’s not constant. The team is eager, you can see it’s got better, but yesterday you begin well and you don’t score, the team because of the situation it’s in is unable to get on its feet.”

Luisinho emphasized, “we’re all to blame for the situation we're in. I don’t like to blame anyone. Whilst there’s hope we must fight. What’s in play is a city, a badge you have to defend. We have to carry on with this mentality until the end.”

He said that after several seasons suffering at the bottom of the league, “there’s no point in feeling sorry for yourself now. Here people have to do the work they have to do. Each one in their area. It’s a pity being in this situation. It sad for the Club, for the city and for all the circumstances. Blaming someone now isn’t going to help.”

In this sense, he insisted “when you don’t start off well, you cannot finish well. The season with highs and lows, in such a competitive league as the Spanish one, you can’t afford this. We were warned from previous years, that one year it was going to be our turn to relegate. And you’re in that situation because of that. People have to be aware that in the league they must be responsible, do things well, otherwise you’re going to suffer at the end.”

Asked about his future, Luisinho, the player who has been in the squad the longest, was to the point: “I’ve already proven what I think more than once. I have no problem playing in First or Second Division. I arrived in Second with a complicated financial situation. I have no problem playing in Second. Whoever likes the Club, plays in First or in Second.”

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