Pepe Mel: "We need everyone’s help, including the supporters’ in Riazor"

04/04/2017 20:04

Pepe Mel stated in Riazor’s press room this morning that after last Sunday’s defeat in Mestalla, “the dressing room is well. From the moment we got on the plane in Valencia, we spoke about the game, about what we were going to do, about what we were going to try, how to try and harm Granada, up to today”.

Referring to tomorrow’s rival (Granada, in Riazor at 8:30 pm, Bein Sports), the Deportivista coach said, “we respect them as a team even though things aren’t going well for them they have what it takes to harm us. We need everyone’s help, including the supporters’ in Riazor I want them, even though I know they’re going to do it anyway, to cheer on the players as they’re going to need it to keep on pressing the other box throughout 90 minutes, and not let our arms down until the ref blows the final whistle, so that the three points stay here”.

He insisted along these lines: “We have to go out from minute one, from when the ref blows the whistle, knowing that it’s the match, the match that can bring us peace of mind. That’s the way the players are going to take it”.

Furthermore, “by beating Granada we have options of finishing mid-table, which would still be an unsuitable position, because I have an aggressive outlook. I already told the Chairman, my idea of Dépor’s future is not of suffering, it’s enjoying every day. So it depends on them, where they want to be. I’m sure they understood me and where they want to be is three or four positions higher”.

He believes Deportivo’s clash tomorrow is not a final: “It’s not a final for Dépor, but maybe it is for the rival. Therefore, the match for us is very dangerous. I’ve asked my footballers to match their intensity. We cannot be one step behind them otherwise we won’t be able to win. We have to at least match the intensity Granada comes out with”.

Mel repeated the same message from his first ever press conference in A Coruña: “I cannot picture a Dépor in trouble. This Club is not designed for that, it’s designed for other things. I already told the squad that. It deserves to be where it is because the reality of football doesn’t mislead anyone. But I think they have arguments for other things”.

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